If you want to use the capoeira illustrations… :)

tux.pngHello everyone !

I’ve received, recently, many messages asking me the right to use some of my pictures, especially those related to capoeira.
As a former capoeira practitioner myself, I believe strongly in the philosophy of sharing. In that case, if it is for a non profit use (poster for a workshop, print for a Batizado tee shirt, etc.) and the respect of the art of capoeira, you have my blessing to use them.

If you want to check and download the images, please visit the blog’s gallery :

Please note that I am only referring to the capoeira illustrations; other images on this blog are owned by clients and are not available for use.

In return, I kindly ask you to do two things:

*send me a thank you message so I can see how far my pictures travel.
* to include the following mentions if possible :
designed by Alexandre Guillaume from www.alex-illustrateur.net licenced under CC-BY-NC-ND
Or, if you have made modifications :
based on a work by Alexandre Guillaume from www.alex-illustrateur.net licenced under CC-BY-NC-ND


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15 comments to “If you want to use the capoeira illustrations… :)”
  1. Hi Alex, My name is Rodéric MAHASOA, from Madagascar Capoeira (Tamatave city-east Coast Madagascar).
    I really appreciate your workshop and painting about capoeira. I did read also the way you allow people to use your work and all conditions.
    What I want to do is, as there is no painting or drawing artist in my group, we would like to do an intra-group design of t-shirt (only for us and not to sell). I would like to use some of yur original work and add some letter, color around picture or write some apelido. Is it ok if we dod that or not.
    By the way, we really respect the way you want to share these work to capoeiristas. And your work travel to Madagascar since some year.
    Thanks again and looking forward to hear from you.
    Axé & obrigado


  2. Hey Alex!

    Love you’re work man, definitely my favourite capoeira paintings out there!

    Hoping to use one of your pics as a background for our ‘2014 Capoeira Brasil – Mestre Peixe’ event here in sydney, although i’m only using it on the poster, and not the actual t-shirt (maybe next time ;), wanted to let you know and thank you for your generosity none the less!

    Have included a link below just to give you an idea as to how it all looks!


    Thanks again for sharing your work with us! Awesome stuff! Keep em coming!

    Obrigado & Axe!!

    Lachlan (Tufao)

  3. Salut Alexandre!!!
    Your illustrations are the most beautiful ones I found on my capoeira research to design some t-shirts for our group…
    I found them and right away wanted to write to you to see if we could use 1 or 2 and just to find the surprise that you share them to all of us, I’m really grateful and appreciate the fact that you do share the capoeira philosophy within yourself to others.
    I do capoeira in South India, in a small place called Auroville with a french teacher Sam / Samuka da India and we have no tshirts, so i’m doing one so that my teacher has one to represent us in the Capoeira Asia Festival in Goa.

    Once finished i’ll try to send the final design to you!

    Merci beaucoup!

  4. Salut Alex, thank you for sharing the capoeira images. With your blessing (and attribution of course) I would like to use them for an online health and wellness magazine that talks about capoeira in Trinidad & Tobago. Beautiful images, just what I needed in a bind! I will send you the magazine page when we launch soon. Thank you for sharing! Merci beaucoup.

  5. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for sharing the capoeira artworks, loved at first sight.
    I’d like to use them in our group event graphics in October, if it’s not a problem for you. I’m going to raise some money for a donation, in order to thank you for you beautiful illustration.


  6. Oi Alex, Muito obrigada por compartilhar esse trabalho maravilhoso. Eu fiz uma caneca personalizada para meu orientador de doutorado (ele prática capoeira), como forma de agradecimento, pela jornada. Acho que ele é maravilhoso como orientador e como praticante de capoeira. A caneca tem todas as condições que o senhor indica dentro do website. Muito obrigada !!

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